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Heavy Vehicle Drink Driving

There are specific safety requirements for heavy vehicles and the drivers. They have to comply with speed requirements different from the drivers of ordinary vehicles.

They also have fatigue management program pursuant to the law. Drivers of heavy vehicles like buses, trains, trams, tankers and delivery trucks must maintain a zero prescribed alcohol concentration (PAC) because of the potential danger to the public, especially to those who share the road with them.

To obtain a conviction the prosecution and the police must be able to prove that the driver:

  • was driving a motor vehicle or attempting to put it in motion;
  • while there is present in his or her blood alcohol.

In this case, the motor vehicle being driven is a heavy vehicle and the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above zero. On the other hand, the accused can raise some possible defences like there was no attempt to drive on his part or that the BAC was inaccurate.

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