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Repeat Offender SA

A repeat offender is one who has committed two or more drink driving offenses within a span of five years.

The Road Traffic Act provides the penalties for first and subsequent offenders and depending on the category of drink driving offense committed.

As an example, for a second offense under category one (BAC 0.05 – 0.79) the penalties are fine up to $1100, 4 demerit points and a license disqualification for not less than six months. Imprisonment is also a penalty if there are aggravating circumstances such as when death or injury is caused by the offence.

Furthermore, effective February 1, 2010 an alcohol dependency assessment may be required for an offender who has, within five years, been expiated or convicted of one of the following offences:

  • three or more category 1 offences;
  • two category 1 offence and one category 2 offence;
  • two or more serious drink driving offences.

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